"Good wine is born in the vineyard! The winemaker takes care of the vines and assists in the transformation of the precious grapes into excellent wines immersed in an immensity of aromas and flavors direct by his skilful gestures"

The Casa Giachi company today consists of almost 2 hectares of vineyards with Chianti DOCG rights, over 8 hectares of woods and the small winery located in the historic house owned by the Giachi family built in 1924.

Company's and family's history

The Giachi family, better known as Masetti, has always produced wine, as evidenced by the old concrete vats with wooden doors in the underground cellar of the house and today restored. In the 1960s, Quirino bought for his sons Fernando, Franco and Anna about 10 hectares of wood and arable land in the Chiostrini area; a few years later, Fernando at the birth of his son Francesco, decides to plant a vineyard there for the production of Chianti wine, making it a real profession. Until the early 2000s, the wine will be sold in demijohns to families in the town and in the Mugello area.

In 2011, supported by a young enologist passionate about natural wines and supported by Francesco, the ecological turning point took place; systemic pesticides, chemical fertilizers and the use of oenological products in the cellar are abandoned. A few years later, satisfied with the results obtained, Francesco will leave the IT profession to "return" to agriculture and will begin the organic certification process of the company, obtaining it with the 2017 harvest. In 2014, the family tradition continues and Francesco, at the birth of his son Gregorio, plants another vineyard with only vines of ancient native Tuscan varieties. In 2021 Fernando will formally leave the management of the company to his son Francesco who, with the company name Casa Giachi, will begin the bottling of the wines produced.

Soon the company will start the path to reach the DEMETER biodynamic certification.

Our product's philosophy

The Casa Giachi company produces, with the love and attention reserved for homemade things for loved ones, quality wines that are genuine and respectful for the environment. For this reason, it uses only grapes from its own vineyards that the family takes care of scrupulously, following the organic disciplinary, without fertilization, with little processing and low mechanization.

Over the years Francesco, thanks to his reading of theosophy and anthroposophy, and the technical advice of the oenologist Marco Giordano, has introduced biodynamic farming practices into the company, such as the use of multivariet green manure crops, biodynamic spray preparations, respect of the calendar for the work, the maximization of biodiversity.

Choosing biodynamic agriculture means facing an expensive but satisfying step, able to make your company 100% natural.

CERTIFICATION: Organic Wine Producer, Bioagricert control body


The Casa Giachi company uses only energy from renewable sources, largely self-produced with photovoltaic systems and wood obtained from its own forest. In the company there is a cistern for the collection of rainwater and an artesian well; the use of precious drinking water is limited only to washing equipment and food containers.

The air conditioning of the rooms is passively guaranteed by the thick stone walls of the building and its happy exposure.

Wine packaging is also environmentally friendly, thanks to the use of lightweight glass bottles, natural cork stoppers that are not chemically treated, shellac seals and interlocking cardboard boxes, without adhesive tape. In other words, only natural and fully recyclable materials are used.

Our products

Rosato Toscana IGT Ciliegiolo

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Rosato Toscana IGT Sangiovese

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Circularity Report drawn up within the project promoted by Unioncamere Toscana and CCCIA Firenze


Certificazione Bio Certificazione Bioagricert